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Mountain Creek Ranch is a husband and wife hiking team and the home of  Tank the Tiny Agility Yorkie, his sidekick Texas and Tahoe the Husky.

The website changes often with products for sale, hiking and agility adventures.

Mountain Creek Ranch

Kip & Elizabeth Stetzler 

Little House Photography

Little Nuggets

Nuggets!! The sturdy, strong and natural gift from the midwest.

Our Missouri Nuggets are made out of Osage Orange Trees. The Osage Orange was first found in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas in the settler days.  Osage Indians used the trees to make war clubs and tomahawk handles. The roots and inner bark were used to make a light orange dye. Pioneers used the wood for wagon wheel hubs and rims. It is one of the heaviest woods in North America and is top-rated for weather resistance. Anti-fungal and anti-oxidant compounds that protect the wood from decay have been identified in the heartwood. The outer sapwood is thin, so even small-diameter posts have a high proportion of heartwood. Osage Orange posts set 50 years ago are still standing strong. When we went searching for the perfect wood for our Nuggets, you can see why the Osage Orange was our choice. It is a strong, sturdy, healthy wood that stands the test of time. To order, click here Shop or visit our Shop using the link at the top of this page.

Mountain Tops

Tiny Mountain Top Cedar Sayings

Little Cedar Mountain Tops are just big enough for your desktop, kitchen window, baby room, wedding reception tables and so much more. The sayings are simple and the meaning is clear; sometimes in life we find ourself faced with mountains of things we have to do and climb over. If we keep working hard, pushing through and persevering, we can make it. We can DREAM, we can BE BRAVE, we can LOVE DEEPLY and so much more. You can order by clicking here Shop or on the "Shop" link at the top of this page.


Long and Short Sleeve Shirts

Adult & Youth shirts

We love to go hiking and work outside; and we also love cozy, comfy shirts. We searched for the perfect blend of soft material and neutral colors for our special, one-of-a-kind bear logo. Each shirt is pre-washed. To order, click here Shop or use the "Shop" link at the top of this page.

Stainless steel mugs with aluminium carabiner

One of a Kind Carabiner Mugs

Save room in your backpack, baby bag or purse.  Don't pack a mug . . . hang a mug. Use the carabiner handle to attach our one-of-a-kind double wall travel mugs to any bag and it's there when you need it with no digging around in the bag. The mugs are adorned with our very special Mountain Creek Ranch bear. You can order by clicking here Shop or on the "Shop" link at the top of this page.

Kip and Elizabeth love the outdoors, spending most of their free time hiking; or as Elizabeth likes to say "going on adventures. They often take their dogs Tank and Texas and Tahoe with them. Elizabeth also trains Tank in Agility and Dock Diving. Texas is a baby and is still working on being potty trained. Tahoe is their beloved lab/husky mix and she hunts squirrels in the backyard.  :)   Check out the dog pages on this website to stay up to date with all the doggie activities. Make sure you subscribe to the blog or check back often for updates. Both dogs are also on Facebook and Instagram @thetankandtexastornado  . Their products are for those who love the outdoors, real things, honest things and the rustic look of nature.  Elizabeth is a national award winning professional photographer. You can visit her website at 

Little House Photography by Elizabeth Stetzler To learn more about Kip visit his LinkedIn page at Kip Stetzler


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