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White and Chocolate Shirts are $12.99 with Free shipping.

Tie - Dye shirts are $17.99 with Free shipping.

Colors offered are White, Chocolate & Tie - Dye. The other shirts you see are just to show you the cuts we love and how they fit us.


We love to be comfy when we hike or work out at the gym or run. We wanted shirts that would give us ultimate sun exposure without exposing too much (wink, wink).. we love the rugged.. can get dirty.. wet and still perform great way these shirts are. .. these shirts get better and softer with each wash. Each order is hand cut to your specifications and pre-washed to be cozy and comfy right out of your mail box.

2019 Bear Wear Hiking & Workout shirts

Shirt color
Neck cut
Sleeve cut
  • Tie-Dye shirts are 100% cotton - Unisex size

    Weight 5.4 oz.


    White shirts are 50/50 - Unisex size

    Weight 5.5 oz.


    Chocolate shirts are 50/50 - Unisex size

    Weight 5.2 oz.