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Nuggets!! The sturdy, strong and natural gift from the midwest. Our Missouri Nuggets are made out of Osage Orange Trees. The Osage Orange was first found in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas in the settler days.  Osage Indians used the trees to make war clubs and tomahawk handles. The roots and inner bark were used to make a light orange dye. Pioneers used the wood for wagon wheel hubs and rims. It is one of the heaviest woods in North America and is top-rated for weather resistance. Anti-fungal and anti-oxidant compounds that protect the wood from decay have been identified in the heartwood. The outer sapwood is thin, so even small-diameter posts have a high proportion of heartwood. Osage Orange posts set 50 years ago are still standing strong. When we went searching for the perfect wood for our Nuggets, you can see why the Osage Orange was our choice. It is a strong, sturdy, healthy wood that stands the test of time. 

Little Nuggets approx four inches tall

SKU: 21554345656
  • Nuggets are:

    - cut to size

    - frozen for 36 hours

    - thawed

    - coated in polyurethane