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Dogwood Canyon

August 7, 2018

Closer to Spring

March 4, 2018


February 20, 2018

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Closer to Spring

March 4, 2018

March is here and the warm air is letting Kip and Elizabeth get out and hike more. Tank helps his dad drive the Chevy Tahoe to their location. 

 Once they get to their location Tank puts on his bright orange coat, it protects him from any bird or owl that might think he is a snack. Tank gets to hike with Kip and Elizabeth and Texas rides in her doggie backpack til she has had all her puppy shots. Then she will get to hike with Tank.



 Sometimes Tank gets a little too adventurous and he realizes his mommy and

daddy are too far away and the imaginary forest creatures are chasing him :)

 Stay tuned for more puppy adventures :)



                                 XOXO Tank and Texas












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